Alliants Streamline Onboarding

Welcome to your Streamline Onboarding process with Alliants and the Experience Platform! Here you will find all the different courses to get you up and running. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us during the process if you have any further questions.

Please only complete the courses for the features which you would like to be included for your property, thank you!


Kick-off your onboarding process with Alliants in the prerequisites section! Here we will look at gathering contact information, establish some initial requirements, and fill out your personal property onboarding form.

Contact Information

Contact information is used to communicate with the relevant member of your property for specific requests from various departments in IT, marketing, and branding.

Landing Pages

Welcome to the landing pages section of your streamline onboarding! Here we will be able to demonstrate the different available pages and designs that Alliants can offer.

Single Sign-On

Start the activation process for Single Sign-On for your account, simply follow the documentation provided by Alliants for your property!

Property Onboarding Form

Welcome to the start of your streamline onboarding process for the Alliants Experience Platform! This section will look at the property onboarding form to get your users, departments, and templates uploaded onto the platform.

Training and Integrations:

In the next section of the property onboarding process, Alliants will start to build an understanding regarding your property management system, and service order information. With this established, the team will look to arrange dates for training, using the experience platform.

Property Management System

In this section of your Streamline Onboarding, we will dive into the Property Management System activation process. Alliants is partnered with iReckonU, Hapi Cloud, and Impala, which has created a successful Property Management System integration and activation process. We look forward to being able to assist you further!

Service Order

Welcome to the next stage of your Alliants Experience Platform Streamline Onboarding process! In this section, we will look at activating your Service Order integration application with the Experience Platform. Choose from HotSOS, or Knowcross, using our lessons in this course!

Training (Complete last)

Welcome to your Alliants Experience Platform Training! In this section of the onboarding, Alliants will look to arrange training with you and your property for The Alliants Experience Platform and the Mobile App.


Welcome to our channels section! Here you will find all of our social media messaging channels that are compatible with Alliants and the Experience Platform, please enroll where applicable for your property.

Google Business Messages