Creating /Adding a New Reservation

Now that you’ve learned all about sending a message and creating a profile, let’s learn how to create a room reservation to correlate a guest stay to their activity requests. Some of you will already have an integration with your PMS and therefore guest stays/reservations will already auto-populate. For those of you who need to add a guest stay reservation manually, follow these instructions:

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To add a new guest room reservation into Alliants, begin with a guest profile by clicking on the Profile icon and searching for a guest:

As you look towards the bottom of the profile details, you will see a section to create a reservation. Click on the plus sign and the following window will appear. Complete all fields:

You can then click on the Reservations icon that looks like a little calendar:

Here you will find all reservations which you can then filter by “Arrival, Depature, or Stay Date.” You can even do a search by guest name:

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