Introduction and Accessing the Reports

Reporting allows the user pull through information on Messaging and Requests in a more up to date speed and frequent manner. It also allows for more interaction on the users part to clearly see the information they want.

To access the reporting page, click on the ‘reports’ on the left hand side menu. The ‘reports’ button looks like this:


The demand for real-time reporting has been a real requirement from everyone we work with, we understand in this evolving world more than ever the importance of data at your fingertips to drive better decision-making. Alliants is excited to launch the embedded reporting feature that looks to provide users with this data so you can understand guest interactions better than ever.

We crafted a video that helps better introduce the new feature so please watch at your leisure!

It’s 14 minutes in length so hopefully these timestamps help you navigate it quicker if you are short on time.

  • 0-2:15 minutes – Introduction and Accessing the reports
  • 2:15-10:15 minutes – Conversation reports with a walkthrough on what each visual means.
  • 10:15-End – Request reports with a walkthrough on each visual.

If you have any queries then please reach out to our support team at