Vendor Services

As a reminder, vendor services are built for those requests that you receive frequently and repeatedly, such as dinner reservations or arrival transportations. The main advantage of this is the time that you save by don’t having to fill many forms as you have the vendor service information already charged on the platform.  

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Let’s take a look to the Vendor’s section: As you can see, we have the status column where you can choose vendors of your preference, and some basic information such as name, address and phone number. If you desire to look for further information about the vendor, you can click on the profile: As you can see at last, there is a new tab on the top called Services. This is related to the vendor, a type of active request and a property. So, any time you create a request in the future is going to use those values to look up an accurate available option to you. Let’s create a service by pressing the “+ Service” right button. A side tab will be displayed. There, you will find many fields to complete with all the information related to the service hired with the chosen vendor, and what will be provided to your guest. In this tab, you will be able to complete information such as the service that is offered and a description, the dates where this service will be offered, the start date from when your guest can start booking for the service in advance and even the duration of the service.

  There is also a section where you can complete it with guest notes about how the service will be consumed. And then you will have a section with the request details. This will change according to the vendor service. In this case, we have chosen a section made for a restaurant reservation. You will also find a section with the billing details that includes the cancellation policy, the currency of the billing, the total to charge, and if it will be charged to the room or not. On the assignment section you will be able to assign the request automatically to an specific department.   After all the necessary information has been filled you press the “publish” button and you will be able to see the service published. Remember that published services must be the ones that go live. You also have the chance of saving it as a draft before publishing it. This is how a service will look after published: So now that we have the service published, let’s make a request on that service. Go to the “+” button on the right hand side and choose the option “create a request”.  After filling the first gaps you will be able to choose the vendor of your preference, and if you have chosen one that has its services publish, you will be able to select which specific service you want from that vendor on the “Vendor service” gap. Let’s see how it works on our example: As a final result, you will see the request in a better and more completed way, which can even get more completed by adding information on the request section. This could be also be printed and handle to your guest in order to give a better and more efficient service